Tianjin Security Company Shengjie (Tianjin) Property Management Service Co., LTD., with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a member of China Property Management Association, a 3A level enterprise of China Quality, service and reputation, and has successfully passed the quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system certification。The company has more than 5 million square meters of project area under management,The type of property under management involves Tianjin hospitals, schools, banks, government agencies, office buildings, public venues, residential buildings, rail transit, industrial parks, exhibition venues, commercial complexes, shopping malls, factories and many joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises from South Korea, Japan, Canada, Taiwan and so on,Other types of business to provide professional security order maintenance, landscaping maintenance, engineering comprehensive maintenance, cleaning and other high-quality property management services......
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Shengjie (Tianjin) Property Management Service Co., LTD

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Add: No.A-88, Liuhe International, Chentang Village, Dagu South Road, Hexi District, Tianjin

Email: chinabj868@163.com

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4Big reason

A formalized security company

A formal security company
Tianjin security company which is good
  • The company has a lot of partners, always adhere to their own work policy
  • In continuous learning progress, with independent standards and workflow

Improve science and technology, enrich functions

Improving science and technology and enriching functions
Tianjin security company which is good
  • Everyone is systematically trained and subjected to rigorous evaluation
  • Remote monitoring system with electronic patrol system to monitor personnel at all positions

To provide you with strong security services

Total compensation for safety protection
Tianjin Property Company
  • In the case of theft in the customer unit, the public security organ shall verify the work according to the scene
  • If economic losses are caused, we shall be liable for compensation according to the liability

Targeted service management mechanism

Targeted service management mechanism
Tianjin property management Company
  • Carefully examine the customer's environment according to the characteristics of the different formats
  • Carefully assess potential defects and establish targeted solutions
Tianjin Cleaning Company
Tianjin Security Company
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